Applitron Datasystem
Specialized in ERP systems
and integrated e-commerce

Applitron - specialist in business software, apps and integrated e-commerce

With 35 years experience in the IT line of business, we know that all businesses require unique solutions. Applitron provides customized business and web systems for small and large companies.

Integrated E-commerce

Some of our satisfied customers

"20 percent of our sales are made through the webshop"

- We had been looking for an integrated webshop solution for many years. In order to have a workable solution, we needed a partner with expertise in both webshop and ERP systems.

Anders Arestav, CEO

"A platform for both integrated webshop and website" 

- Now we can manage all customer and product information from the business system. It feels good to work with a partner that has a comprehensive overview of our system, and that always helps when needed.

Thomas Johansson, Business Development Manager

"A flexible and efficient solution that feels right in time"

- With this solution, we can relatively easily keep everything updated, and our customers' purchases can be simplified considerably. The time we spend on administration will be reduced drastically for orders made through the Customer Portal.

Tom Nordin, CEO

Our product groups


A unique solution where all functionality is integrated


Let the customer to order when they want, where they want and what they want


An customizable ERP system for customers with high demands

Taxi applications

Applications designed for larger order centers


A system designed to manage and present your activities


Products from our partner specialists

Standard ERP by HansaWorld

Integrated ERP system with support for all industries.

Applitron has been a HansaWorld partner since 1996 and has today a large number of clients running with Standard ERP

Prestashop - an open source e-commerce to grow in

With Prestashop e-commerce platform, the possibilities are virtually endless. Integrated to existing ERP system or completely stand alone


Deliveries from your tablet

A2 ERP System

A2 supports most of the company's business processes. Modules are Orders, Inventory, Invoicing, Sales and Purchase ledgers, Accounting, Interactive statistics and Job costing.

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A2 Weborder