A2 ERP system

A2 supports most of the company's business processes. Modules are Orders, Inventory, Invoicing, Sales and Purchase ledgers, Accounting, Interactive statistics and Job costing.

The application is available in a variety of industry-specific adaptations for example the taxi industry and businesses with shop-in-shop operations.

State of the art

A2 is not only a modern ERP system but also a platform for developing customized functionality for enterprises with unique demands . It has full adaptability to function optimally for each customer. A2 is simply our toolbox in the form of a standard system adapted to suit each specific requirement. A2 can run on any operating system and with different user interfaces. It can be integrated with other systems where needed and is prepared for all SQL databases.

Full adaptability

A2 is based on proprietary code and open source, which makes it possible to fully customize the system to meet customer requirements. It works in any Java-compatible operating systems, that is, all modern Unix, Windows and MacOS systems. It is also possible to operate in a mixed environment with different operatingsystems on the desktop equipment.


Permission to data and to perform various operations are easily controlled by the administrator. All transactions stored in the transaction log and can be easily analyzed.

A2 was developed with a focus on safe handling of large data flows and have therefore received smart functions for fast troubleshooting by automatically recognizing errors and automatic correction. The systems need not be stopped because of corrupt data. The system ensures accurate recording of data even when loaded with large volumes of data or run through mobile connectivity.