Other Products

Applitron has selected a number of partners with special expertise in certain areas. This may concern e-invoicing, invoice scanning, etc. where we assessed that together with our partners, we give our customers a better overall solution by creating integrations between our products.


Directly from Standard ERP's invoicing routines, the company's invoices are sent in digital format to our partner Scancloud. Profitable and labor-saving.

Supplier Invoice Scanning

In the case of supplier invoices, we scan paper, interpret and verify paper and PDF invoices, as well as receive all the forms of e-invoices on the market. The invoices are placed directly in Standard ERP's supplier invoice register pending certification from the web-based certification system.

Supplier invoice scanning pays off for companies where the attestation persons are located in geographically distinct places or/and where the company has large supplier invoice volumes.

Here, too, we have chosen to cooperate with Scancloud.

Waybill Management

When you complete the delivery in Standard ERP, you can directly order the download from your logistics partner. Reporting of the tracking number takes place automatically and you can, without leaving the Standard EPR to keep track of the freight.

The solution is based on an integration with Unifaun.

Business Intelligence

For those users of Standard ERP who want to make deeper analyses of the data contained in the ERP systems databases, Applitron offers a bridge for connection to external BI systems. The bridge can be used against most products on the market. ourselves, we have chosen to offer our customers Smartview by HansaWorld.

Delivery Management

Consignor is a delivery management system that connects the customers with the supplier's warehouse in the most efficient way possible. With the help of a Standard ERP by HansaWorld's standard integration with Consignor, the supplier and customers always get the same high-quality experience when shipping is booked or when the customer receives a delivery, regardless of the combination of carrier services chosen.

Consignor is standard software. This means that all their software solutions are available to all Consignor users. Whether you have many or just a few items, the needs are often the same. The majority of Consignor's customers use Consignor for standard needs, but Consignor can also be tailored to any unique transportation needs.


Applitron offers, in-house, Standard ERP and HansaWorld customers a cost-effective, scalable and secure solution for "hosting" and "backup". Thanks to Standard ERP's effective communication method, the entire Standard ERP server environment can be placed on one of our servers without losing performance. The communication between the users and the server is via an encrypted internet connection.

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