Pro Optix

Pro Optix provides a product portfolio that covers optical connectivity technologies from the core of your data centre to the very edge of your network. These include optical transceivers, fiber cabling, wavelength multiplexers, media convertors, and testing and measurement instrumentation for the European fiber market.

Their customers include system integrators, telecom operators, internet service providers, city carriers and the enterprise market across all vertical sectors through our approved channel partners.

System of choice

Pro Optix runs their ERP system, Standard ERP via "the cloud". Besides the ERP systems, Pro Optix have their webshop integrated in ERP system. In the webshop/customer portal, customers can create orders, manage customer data and permission to all contacts connected to the company main customer.


  • Name: Pro Optix

  • Branch: Optical connectivity technologies

  • Market: Sweden and Denmark

  • Number of products: 2000-3000

  • Website:

  • Release Date: 2016-06-01

  • Project plan: 6 weeks

  • Integration: Standard ERP by HansaWorld


Pro Optix webshop was an important step to increase growth but also digitalize their operations. In the rapidly expanding market, it is important to constantly strive towards a omnichanel to meet existing and future customer needs. The webshop is one of many actions to realize the companies vision.

With more then 2,000 products in Pro Optix product portfolie, they had a need of a structured and powerful filtering tool that was administered directly from the ERP system. Depending on which of Pro Optix product groups the a customer visit on the webshop, customized filtering options will appear and the customers can easily sort out a large number of products until only a few are left to match customers requirement. By using integrated; items groups, classification types and item classifications attached to each item in the ERP system, the internal work is simplifyed and keeps the webshop and product filters up to date.

In addition to the filtering ability among products, a custom list view have been installed to complement the PrestaShop standard product views to in a better display Pro Optix large bumber of simular products.


In order to streamline the work on the warehouse, IsiCom was at an early stage in the Adelivery mobile delivery project. In connection with the implementation (summer 2017), Isicom expanded its warehouses. This opened up to a brand new puck store where each shelf is clearly marked with ID and content. In the center of the premises there is a storage station with a storage computer with a dedicated Standard ERP client, a printer and a freight forwarder. The Pro Optix warehouse staff creates deliveries of orders in Adelivery. Most of Pro Optix items are labeled with bar codes for EAN number, serial number and packaging number. This makes it easy for the warehouse staff to scan the items that are automatically counted off from the current order book. When a pack is ready and packaged, the delivery is returned to the business system, approved for billing. At the same time, the freight is automatically booked with Unifaun and shipping documents are printed, all via a button on the plate.

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Standard ERP: 15 deticated users.

Implementation includes: Support, Development, Consultancy and Operation: Applitron Datasystem AB

Modules: Accounting, Billing, Supplier, Quotation, Purchase, Order, Stocks, Email, HAL, Webshop, Wide Area Network, Price Modeling and Webshop & CMS.

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