Standard Audio

Standard Audio is the market-leading distributor of products and system solutions, primarily in professional audio and spoken evacuation alarms. Their products and systems can be found in all conceivable environments such as sports arenas, shopping centers, conference rooms, orchestras, scenes, churches, bars, discotheques, cinemas, bathing houses, train stations, ships, exhibition halls, industry, etc.

Standard Audio is a distributor for market-leading suppliers with quality products such as Bosch, Electro-Voice, Dynackord, Community, Tannoy, Symetrix and dB Technology. In addition to the products, Standard Audio offers a complete solution where their technicians assist with system solution, programming, project planning, documentation, construction, training, commissioning and surveying.  

System of Choice

Standard Audio runs its Standard ERP system on its own server environment. In addition to business systems, Standard Audio has its e-commerce integrated with Standard-ERP.


  • Name: Standard Audio

  • Area of busniess: Products for professional sound and spoken evacuation alarms

  • Market: Sweden

  • Number of products: 5000-6000

  • E-commerce:

  • Launch date: 2016-06-07

  • Project duration: 8 weeks

  • Integration: Standard ERP by HansaWorld


Standard Audio's large range of products, linked to several hundred categories, made great demands on an easily navigated e-commerce with product-specific filtering capabilities. Some examples of filtering options are Manufacturer, Certification, IP Classification and Environment. With the help of Applitron's powerful classification link, Standard Audio can administer the e-commerce's product filtering directly from Standard-ERP and determine different product filters for different product categories.

Another e-commerce function developed specifically for Standard Audio was the opportunity to present products that in Standard-ERP are marked with Campaign, Demoex, News and Sale, and partly under their regular product category but also as a specific category. All of these products are linked to hundreds of customer-specific price lists and discount matrices so that each customer directly in the e-commerce sees their price.


HansaWorld Enterprise: 17 users of 5 concurrent users

Implementation, Support, Development, Consulting and Operation by Applitron Datasystem AB

Modules: Accounting, Invoicing, Supplier, Quotation, Purchase, Order, Stock, HAL, Wide area network, Price modulation and Webshop & CMS.