IsiCom is a distributor of Plantronics professional headsets for desktop and office phones, cordless phones, mobile phones, IP phones, computers and Soft Phones. Isicom works with retailers all over the country and at their office in Gothenburg, the entire Plantronics range is being stocked together with a handful of other brands in their own warehouses.

System of choice

Isicoms strategy is to use the latest technology to develop their business. With Applitron's integrated webshop solution, IsiCom has increased its competitive advantages. In order to streamline the picking process, Isicom uses Applitron's delivery application, Adelivery. Since 2013, Isicom use Qlikview report tool, which provides additional benefits, provides information about the business quickly and easily.


  • Name: Isicom AB
  • Area of business: Tech products for communication
  • Market: Sweden
  • Number of products: 500-1000
  • Website:
  • Release Date: 13-11-2017
  • Project plan: 6 weeks
  • Integration: Standard ERP by HansaWorld


IsiCom has been working with integrated internet sales of headsets and accessory products for several years. When the user interface was outdated, it was time to replace the platform with an e-commerce platform that meets customers' increased expectations for today's e-commerce.

Isicom's sales are mainly made to retailers with customer-friendly agreements in terms of both prices and freight, but also to end consumers where completely different terms apply. The requirement for the new e-shops was: a modern layout, integrated and easily managed.


To meet the needs of the customers, the results landed in the site which is their business site, but it also serves as a webshop for corporate customers.

At, all company information and information about all products from Plantronics, Evoko, Embrava, and Unisynk are presented. also serves as a webshop for corporate customers who, on login, gain access to, among other things, customer-friendly prices, real-time payroll rates, order history, invoice history and, of course, integrated ordering.

Isicom has over 300 resellers in varying sizes. With Isicom's "large" customers, it is not uncommon that there are several different buyers who place the orders. To keep track of the purchasing staff at the various offices that are linked to the main company, the Applitron administration module is used. With the help of the administration module, the Purchasing Manager that controls the main customer can keep track of all purchasers connected to the main customer. The main customer can assign different types of permissions to the different purchasers. For example, allow login, view entire company order history show only buyer's order history, view entire company invoice history, show only the buyer's invoice history generate a new password to buyer or close accounts.


In order to streamline the work in their warehouse, Isicom was one of the first company to start with the Adelivery project. While implementing Adelivery during the summer of 2017, Isicom expanded their warehouses that are connected to their office. The expansion of the warehouses opened up for a brand new fast picking area, with each shelf clearly marked with ID and content. In the middle of the warehouse a storage station with a storage computer can be found, equipt with a dedicated Standard ERP client, a printer and freight label printer.

The warehouse staff at Isicom will throughout the day get digital picklists sent to their tablets by the sellers inside the office. In essence, all Isicom's articles are labelled with barcodes for EAN number, serial number and packaging number. This makes it easy for the warehouse staff to scan the items that automatically count off from the current digital order list. When an order is ready and packed, the delivery is returned to the business system with the status "Approved" and "Ship with Unifaun". This means that the warehouse staff with a few touches of a button on the tablet will get the freight booked, which in turn triggers the printing of the delivery slip and shipping note to the packing station. The implementation of Adelivery is expected to save Isicom from hiring additional warehouse personnel.

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Standard ERP: 13 dedicated users

Implementation includes: Support, Development, Consultancy and Operation: Applitron Datasystem AB

Modules: Accounting, Billing, Supplier, Quotation, Purchase, Order, Stocks, Email, HAL, Webshop, Wide Area Network, Price Modeling and Webshop & CMS.

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Smartview by Qlikview

Qlikview delivers an intuitive platform solution for self-service visualization, guided analytics, embedded analysis. With Smartview by Qlikview, Isicom makes significant savings while providing more valuable information from the systems. For example. Isicom can directly see which customers differ from the "normal" purchasing behavior. The tool is also used for purchase planning, inventory level analysis, articles, etc.