During 2017 and 2018 Blomsterboda (EN: Bee & Butterfly), part of Accent Equity Partners AB, acquired S-Blommor in Stockholm, Rydells, S-Blommor in Dalarna, S-Blommor in Gävle and S-Blommor in Gothenburg. As a result of the merger, the total sales amount to nearly SEK 900 million. Several of the acquired companies have been customers of Applitron and users of Applitron's business system A2 for many years. Blomsterboda will continue to deliver their shop-in-shop concept for flowers to grocery retailers.

System of choice

S-Blommor in Stockholm, Rydells, S-Blommor in Dalarna, S-Blommor in Gävle and S-Blommor in Gothenburg, which are all now a part of Blomsterboda Försäljning AB, have been supplying flowers to the grocery business for 30 years. The concept has been to let the own sales staff take care of the flower departments in the stores that Blomsterboda work with, what we call a "Shop in Shop". The concept has been very successful. Blomsterboda also owns five flower shops in the Stockholm area under the name Blomsterpassagen as well as a plant cultivation manufactory in Stängselboda.

Today, a large number of salesmen provide nearly 600 stores around the country with a fresh and attractive flower range. From the central warehouse in Stängselboda, just north of Stockholm and the central warehouse in Helsingborg, approximately 70,000 bouquets are delivered per week. Before Christmas, which is Blomsterboda's peak season, a total of 200,000 Christmas arrangements are made.


  • Name: Blomsterboda Försäljning AB
  • Area of business: Tech products for communication
  • Market: Sweden
  • Number of products: Varying week to week
  • Turnover: Approx. 900 mSek
  • Stock system: Aurora
  • E-commerce:
  • ERP: A2 by Applitron

A2 by Applitron

Blomsterboda has used Applitron's business system A2 for several years. The application has been tailored to the industry's specific needs. Blomsterboda's salesmen handle all parts of the job through a mobile unit, from stock picks in the warehouse to digital customer signing of the delivery note in store. The sales process requires no paper and all information exchange between the seller and the customer takes place digitally, an important detail which is in line with Blomsterboda's sustainability goals. The mobile solution is fully integrated with A2, which means that the sales force always has the right product information available. Blomsterboda's sales force can, therefore, focus entirely on delivering flowers to almost 600 stores throughout Sweden. In the store, the seller registers any returns of the goods that are discarded,  confirmation of the order and any return order is mailed directly to the customer, all through the mobile unit.

In addition to the mobile order picking, Blomsterboda uses the A2 system for everything from purchasing goods to invoicing of all sales. With the help of the powerful statistics functions, the outcome of the sales are analyzed based on a number of parameters.

A2: 320 dedicated users

Implementation includes: Support, Development, Consulting and Operation by Applitron Datasystem AB

Modules: Orders, Invoicing, Inventory, Purchase, Customer Accounts, Market Info, Statistics, Articles

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During the enormous expansion that nation-leading Blomsterboda underwent, the app platform Aurora, developed by Applitron, was implemented throughout the company. The implementation of the plattform has been one of the prerequisites for the expansion and has resulted in a complete digitization of the sellers' work, as well as improved operational reliability, functionality and flexibility.

Nationwide Blomsterboda has a large sales force that offers full service of flower departments in grocery stores. In recent years they have expanded a lot and quickly, which this summer resulted in a need to replace the old hand terminal system with a new one. The old system was replaced by Aurora, Applitron's app platform, which has streamlined the work both at the warehouse and out in the stores. Implementation of Aurora has resulted in a complete digitization of the sellers' work and thus eliminated the use of paper.

The seller creates or picks up existing orders in the mobile device. The orders are then picked in the seller's warehouse and then delivered to the store where the store staff signs the order receipt in the mobile unit.

Blomsterbodas Aurora is a constantly growing project under constant development that is tailored to the needs of the company. The app is available in the hand terminals used by all Blomsterboda's sellers around the country - today over 200. The new hand terminals are smartphones equipped with barcode readers that the sellers handle all the work in.

Today, most order and warehouse routines are handled in the hand terminal. Sellers use Aurora for return handling and order taking with digital signing of goods receipt in store. Warehouse staff use the service for inventory, cash handling and compilation of joint deliveries from central warehouses to Blomsterboda's branches around the country. All information handled in Aurora is synchronized with the business system A2, also developed by Applitron.

Integrated e-commerce

When acquiring S-flowers in Gothenburg during the autumn of 2018, Blomsterboda's new integrated e-commerce was launched. The newly developed e-commerce solution is used to manage the supply of goods from Blomsterboda's two central warehouses to the local offices around the country and to the larger direct delivery stores. The integration with A2 means that users always have access to the right product range, both in terms of season and where in the country the goods are to be sold. In addition to the usual product information, the user also receives information about, among other things, the origin of the goods and optimal purchasing quantities - which gives the opportunity of climate-friendly orders.

E-commerce and the subsequent handling of orders made in the A2 system is an important part of managing the expanded supply of goods to the stores that Blomsterboda supplies flowers to. It also offers the opportunity to present different assortments depending on the customer, where the customer is located geographically and depending on the season. This increases both Blomsterbodas and their customers' competitiveness.

As a result of the implementation of the e-commerce solution, Blomsterboda expects to be able to streamline sales to the selected customer segments, increase sales of additional sales products and connect with new customers.

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