Taxi applications


T3 is a system of group invoicing and member clearing for businesses that work together and act as one legal entity outward, for example, dispatch centres for taxi-organizations.

T3 for the taxi industry is a complete system that processes the associated members' financial transactions. T3 collaborates with other systems, such as dispatch systems and pricing systems or for automating the processing of invoices and clearing of obligations to the members. 

Safe handling

Within a larger taxi association, large amounts of data are processed every day. The information needed is often transferred through mobile connectivity. The risk of errors during the total process becomes large, which makes high demands on security and control of data. T3 has smart functions for fast troubleshooting by automatically identifying errors. In this way, the system ensures accurate recording of data even when loaded with large volumes of data or run through mobile connectivity.


Ginst is a system for handling valuable installed equipment. The application can be used in industries where the equipment is installed in various locations and where the equipment is replaced, removed or replaced by newer models. All essential information about the device can be registered and each unit can be tracked and history followed.

Track of all important

All information of importance regarding the equipment can be recorded in Ginst. All units are recorded as individuals with serial number and type, but also the locations where the units may be installed or stocked are listed. Each time a new installation, repair, upgrade or other activity is recorded, this information is added to the relevant department and the installation site. In this way, history is listed for each unique equipment and each installation site.

Flexible search model

The application has consistently search possibilities by QBE (Query by Example), which enables search on all in all combinations in a view. This option makes it possible to make the listings based on exactly that criterion that is interesting in each individual case. 

No installation required

The application can be run as a normal application or as an applet in a web browser. Therefore only, required credentials and a java-enabled browser is needed to connect to the server. This makes it possible to keep the database updated instantly when the installation is done via the Internet. Anyone who installs and maintains the equipment only needs a standard computer with an internet connection.


TaxiPass is a clearing system for settling claims between taxi companies connected to the Svea Taxi Alliance card concept. The concept gives a customer using a Taxi Stockholm's business cards the opportunity to use this card when using the service from any another Svea-connected taxi company. Currently, some 4 300 cabs located in 1 200 locations are connected to TaxiPass.