Refrico runs its Standard ERP system with hosting at Applitron. In addition to the ERP system, Refrico's website and e-commerce are integrated with Standard ERP, developed by Applitron.


  • Name: Refrico AB
  • Area of business: Products for the refrigeration industry
  • Market: Sweden
  • Number of products: 5000-6000
  • Website:
  • Integration: Standard ERP by HansaWorld


Refrico AB is a supplier of products in the refrigeration industry and provides one of the market's widest range of components and compressor manufactures. In addition to compressors, they also offer a large range of units, fan coolers, air conditioners, coolant coolers, valves and mounting material.

In order to secure future development, Refrico has chosen to take the step in between ones and zeros. The entire Refrico range has been digitized and is now available in the new webshop. With headquarters in Gothenburg and two affiliates in Stockholm and Malmö, customers are now able to check stock balance in each location and order and pick up in store, or order at the desired address. 

"Everything to keep you cool with the right product in the right place at the right time."

Webshop functionality

Refrico's wish with its new webshop was to digitize the product catalogue and make the entire assortment available on the web. As Refrico's products are of the more technical nature, the requirement was that product specifications and navigation filters would be linked to the products. To simplify the presentation of the large range of products, a completely new list view has been created. In addition to the list view quickly giving an overview of the products in each category, the customer can himself sort by all the specification values ​​that are included in the specific product category.

Applitron's list view presents information based on the product's technical specification. In the category 4-cylinder piston compressors, 3 technical values, price, buy button, availability and a button are presented for more information.  This is an important function to facilitate the work of cooling technicians who can now check the status themselves, order and download the products with the click of a button.

Standard ERP

Standard ERP: 15 dedicated users