Mobia is an importer and wholesaler of electronics that operate on the Finnish market. Their product selctions consist of their three product groups: audio equipment for cars, office headsets and their largest product group: accessories for mobile phones and tablets.

System of choice

Mobia run their standard ERP systems on a Mac-based environment. Their Standard ERP contract is signed with X3msoft / Hansa Finland, where they also host the system.


  • Name: Mobia
  • Branch: Electronics 
  • Market: Finland
  • Antal products: 1000
  • Website:
  • Release Date: 2017-04-01
  • Project plan: 12 weeks
  • Integration: Standard-ERP by HansaWorld
  • Supplier: Applitron Datasystem AB


Mobia works exclusively with retailer and to offer a professional 24/7 service a integrated webshop was the obvious choice. With the new webshop Mobias customers now have the ability to search and filter through more than over 1,000 products.

Mobias new webshop allows retailers and corporate customers to order from over 1000 products from their product groups; audio equipment for cars, office headsets and accessories for mobile phones and tablets.

As a wholesaler of mobile accessory the products sold are in many cases very similar in appearance. The only in thing the separate the product from each other some time is the specification of the manufacturer and model that the product fits to. To simplify Mobias work administrating the product images for this products, Applitron used a proprietary PrestaShop module named feature image. With this module Mobia only needs to upload the product images once and by using a classification on the product, the module theb match the right product with the right image / images.

In addition to the internally easy administrated work flow with products and product images, the user interface for the customers obviously was the main focus. To make filtering among the 100's rather similar products, all of Mobias products was classified to create filter types and values. In Mobias case we used many different filter types and values that are unique to the different product groups. To make the filtering advanced and convenient as possible, a more advanced filter module was used.

Many of Mobias customers are stores where purchasing staff in many cases are out  the store physically to check what´s needed to be purchased. To simplify the ordering process is a quick-ordering function was developed so the products can be added to the shopping cart directly from a grid or list view without having to click in on the product page itself.

To customers who want more detailed descriptions than offered in the grid and list view the product page is always available. The product page present; product name, reference number, EAN number, short description, deliverable stock balance, product images, long description, data sheets etc. In Mobias case, we have chosen not to present accurate stock balance if it is less than 100 products in stock.

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