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Apps for business systems are probably not the first ones to be associate with app development.

Adelivery - Warehouse management

Correcting an erronous delivery costs considerably more than the original delivery. Often 10 times more. In addition to the cost of practical handling, errors in deliveries results in dissatisfied customer. Use of barcode-based delivery support increases the quality of picking. Leading to fewer deliveries, more efficient work and more satisfied customers.

Applitron has developed Adelivery, an app where you can manage all your warehouse work using an Android device with a connected barcode reader.

Outbound delivery

Increase the quality of picking

By providing warehouse employees with an Android device and associated barcode reader, you can increase the efficiency of the picks while ensuring quality.

The deliveries are presented directly in the mobile android device and employees never need to go to a computer or printer to retrieve new pick-lists. Deviations in the delivery can be administered directly in the device. By verifying each picked item or line through barcode scanning, the quality is increased as unnecessary error patches are minimized.

Outbound delivery work flow

1. Retrieve information from the business system

After ordering a mobile delivery in Standard ERP, it can be downloaded to the android device. There is an opportunity to control the pickup order for a particular mobile device. Alternatively, pick orders can be distributed without regard to who to pick. A delivery dispatched to a tablet is assigned with the pickers signature status to prevents duplicate picks.

Once the deliveries are out on the mobile device, the pick-up process can be done without networking, something that is desirable in large warehouses where access to wireless networks is not always the best.

Fetching of deliveries from the ERP.
Working with a specific pick-list
2. Scan, pick and pack

Once the selected delivery has been opened in the mobile device, all order lines containing information such as: item number, name, shelf, inventory and how many are to delivered. The items are scanned using a bluetooth scanner to make sure it is the right item. The picking order can be controlled on, for example, shelf or article number. The pickup can then be done in any order by scanning barcodes with item number, serial number or batch number.

During the picking process, Adeliery announces the user with audio signals if any discrepancies between what has been scanned and what is included in the delivery from the ERP. This may include the scanning of an incorrect article, serial or batch number, incorrect number, etc.

3. Report back to the ERP system

Upon completion, the result of the pick is returned to Standard ERP where the current delivery is updated with the information collected on the mobile device. The closing moments of delivery, such as delivery of delivery slip and shipping order are made in the ERP.

Re-report to the ERP

Compatible with: Standard ERP by Hansa World

In delivery-app

Being developed

Compatible with: Standard ERP by Hansa World


Being developed

Compatible with: Standard ERP by Hansa World