Web Development

Often, a company's website is the "first impression" a potential customer gets. If the company does not have one or if it is outdated, the customer's image of the company will be the same. A website today is not what it once was. In today's society, much higher demands are made on a website. A website should be responsive, integrated, easily navigable and searchable.

Advanced website

An advanced website requires an advanced platform. Applitron works mainly with two different platforms for websites, depending on the type to be created.


Prestashop is basically an e-commerce platform with Content Mangement System (CMS) functionality as an add-on. For companies that sell products and have high demands on product presentation, Prestashop is the perfect solution. Not only that Prestashop is designed to present just the product information, it's easy to activate e-commerce functionality and start selling the products directly from the website. In addition to products and product information, it is possible to build structured CMS pages with company information. Applitron's own website (the one you are at right now) is built entirely in the Prestashop.

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Wordpress is basically a platform for presenting continuous posts of text and image, a so-called blog and website platform. Eventually, Wordpress has been developed to handle a lot of tasks through a wealth of additions. In particular, the administrator's interface has become popular because it's simple and intuitive. Wordpress can automatically update the reason, add-ons and themes to remain reasonably safe. Layout and function can be made unique to each page if you need extra features and personal appearance.


Applitron offers our customers a cost-effective and secure solution for "hosting" and "backup". Communication between users and the server is via an encrypted internet connection.

The advantage of placing the website on a rented server is that you do not have the costs of purchasing, operating and maintaining your own server. In addition to that, you also get higher reliability, which means you will need to add minimal resources to with server problems. And if something unforeseen would happen locally or on the web, then the help is close. A prerequisite for a successful result is, of course, a good internet connection.

Our backup service, in addition to local backup, means that daily backups are copied to a server located geographically separated from the database server. This provides a high level of security and an opportunity to restore the system after a severe interruption such as Fire or theft.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Both Prestashop and Wordpress are platforms created to be search engine optimized. The platforms support metadata management to make the website data easily accessible to search engines.

In addition to the robustness of the platform, it also requires the skills from the company that develops the website. Applitron provides many years of SEO expertise and can provide advice for improved SEO during and after the website creation.