Mobile games

Mobile games have more or less been available as long as mobile phones have had a screen for presenting data. Since smartphones have been launched, the mobile gaming market has exploded. When Applitron developed different types of applications, it looked like a fun side project to also develop mobile games. 

Flight School

Flight School began as a side project during the summer 2016. The game is a 2d, sidescrolling, flight game, developed in Lib GDX. If the game is to be categorized, casual game is probably the best category.

During the development phase of Flight School, the player was a ball that rolled forward on a sinus curve. The ball could generate speed and then leave the sinus curve and "fly" to catch crystals floating in the air above the sinus curve.

During fall 2016 the ball became an airplane and the sinus curve was replaced with a more graphic environment. To make the game more enjoyable, different objects was added with different characteristics.


Download Flight School for Android