Hot Screen

Hot Screen has produced high-quality, environmentally friendly heat transfer the last 25 years. In January 2016, their new facility  were opened with brand new production machines where the latest technology has been implemented, due to the steady increase in sales. Hot Screen is today one of the world's most environmentally friendly transfer printers.

System of choice

With Hot Screen's rapid growth, increasing demands are being made for both hardware and software. With Standard ERP by HansaWorld as a motor, opportunities are opened for several additional services to streamline Hot Screens processes. Hot Screen Warehouse Application and their Integrated E-commerce are two examples of services used to minimize work and ensure quality.

HWA - Hot Screen Warehouse Application 

HWA is a custom-made applicaation that uses Applitrons API to communicate directly with the business system, developed to simplify and ensure the quality of delivery orders to customers. Together with a couple of specially crafted shelves for handling a floating shelf system, the HWA picker assigns the first available shelf space according to a set of regulations. To ensure that the right products are placed on the right shelf, the order form that comes from production is scanned. After the order has been digitized, the picker himself selects the items and numbers to be placed on the assigned shelf space. The shelf must then be scanned to ensure that the picker puts the right products at the right shelf.

The user first selects one of the applications features depending on what to do.

The produced products arrives from production to the quality assurance and cutting together with a production order in paper format. After the products are cut and bundled, the orders are scanned and the contents of the order are retrieved from the business system and presented in the tablet.

When the order is scanned using a barcode reader, the order is fetched and present on the tablet.

After the user may have adjusted the order and created an "inbound delivery", the order will automatically be assigned a shelf based on customer settings and shipping address. The shelf is then filled in continuously during the day, given that the shipping address matches other incoming orders. If the delivery address differs, a new shelf will be assigned instead.

At the end of the day before the shipping company retrieves outgoing orders, shipping is shipped based on the shelfs delivery address using the app that communicates with the business system and freight reservation service. In connection with the shipping is orderd, shipping and delivery notes are printed at the same time as the delivery in the business system is updated with a shipping number ID.

With the help of display monitors, the contents of the floating shelf system are presented.


  • Name: Hot Screen AB. 
  • Branch: Production of heat transfers
  • Market: Europe.
  • Number of items: Each item is customized and created when ordering.
  • Warehouse system: HWA - Hot Screen Warehouse Application.
  • Webbsite:
  • Business System: Standard ERP by HansaWorld.


Applitron's commitment to the development of Hot Screens e-commerce has been the communication between e-commerce and the business system. What distinguishes Hot Screens e-commerce is that the items sold in e-commerce creates items in the business system in connection with the ordering.

Standard ERP

Standard ERP: 16 nnamed users.

Implementation includes: Support, Development, Consultancy and Operation byApplitron Datasystem AB.

Modules and Features: Accounting, Electronic invoice management, Supplier, Offer, Purchase, Order, Warehouse, Email, HAL, Webshop, Wide area network, Pricing and API.