Sunwind is part of the Gylling Group and has since the 1980s been the leading supplier of energy and comfort solutions in Sweden, for cottages that do not have access to the regular electricity grid. Sunwind offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The Gylling Group is an innovative and strong group of companies that have developed and marketed new products and technical solutions for almost a hundred years.

Over the years, the concept has been developed and today Sunwind provides a broader range of products as well as new technical solutions that enable a new level of convenience for cottage owners which is now comparable to what the regular electricity grid can offer. Today's product range also consists of products for boating, caravans and camper vans that complement comfort solutions for holiday homes with electricity.  

System of choice

Since Sunwind is part of the Gylling Group, they are also part of the multi-company setup of StandardERP by HansaWorld which Gylling has chosen to work in. The multi-company solution means that all companies use the same database and share the license costs with full access to all of the system's functions. Smart additions such as integrated e-commerce solutions and Scancloud invoice management have also been implemented throughout the Gylling companies to minimize the manual labor. Sunwind also uses Adelivery - Applitron's warehouse management app.



Sunwind AB and Sunwind Oy are currently using Applitron's e-commerce solutions integrated with StandardERP by HansaWorld for their resellers. The two online stores are almost identical in design and function but are linked to different companies within the same business system. Like most B2B platforms from Applitron, Sunwind's customers must be able to log in to the online store to see prices, stock, and order information. The integration of e-commerce solutions and StandardERP enables the collection of all data in the same place. In addition to minimizing the manual labor for Sunwind's staff, it also ensures that the information in the various systems is consistent. Another advantage of working like this is that the data can easily be integrated with other systems. If the business system is updated, this will be reflected directly on all connected systems.


Sunwind has implemented an overall solution as a part of the company's overall development. One part of this is the latest project - the implementation of the app Adelivery - an important tool for the development of the company's inventory management. Since Sunwind has warehouses in several different locations, they wanted a solution that was user-friendly and easy to implement.

Adelivery enables the handling of all stock from a mobile device equipped with an integrated or external barcode reader. In the app, all picklists are gathered along with all the information that the warehouse staff needs to ensure well executed in- and outbound deliveries. When using Adelivery, each selected item is verified using the barcode scanner, which minimizes the risk of error while working in the warehouse and therefore unnecessary costs for incorrect deliveries. After completing a certain order, the result is sent to the business system which is updated automatically. Upon complete outbound delivery, the business system is notified that the delivery is approved for invoicing, while shipping is booked - which in Sunwind's case is done through the delivery management system Consignor. In other words, no computer is required during the picking process, which significantly increases the efficiency, which is particularly important since several of the storage stations have several packing stations scattered on different floors of Sunwind's main warehouse. Upon completion of the freight booking, the warehouse staff controls which printing station they want to use and where all freight documents are printed.

With the help of a barcode scanner, the article's EAN number is scanned for better end results.

A digital picking list where color markings indicate the status of each order.

With Sunwind's Adelivery implementation, new functionality has been added in both Standard ERP by HansaWorld and Adelivery. For example, Sunwind's sales staff can, at the touch of a button when working with orders, calculate the shipping cost based on the order value and the delivery address's postal code. Another new functionality that has been added is the ability to change the parcel type and add additional services directly to the mobile device. Freight booking with the customer's individual customer number via Consignor is another functionality that is made possible in certain cases where Sunwind drop-ships for its customers. In dropship situations, all inventory management is done by Sunwind's staff, but the end consumer receives the notification from the transport company as if the webshop where the product was ordered from is the sender.


Standard ERP: Multi-business setting

Implementation includes: Support, Development, Consultancy and Operation: Applitron Datasystem AB

Modules: Accounting, Billing, Supplier, Quotation, Purchase, Order, Stocks, Email, HAL, Webshop, Wide Area Network, Price Modeling and Webshop & CMS.

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The delivery management system Consignor connects customers with the supplier's warehouse as efficiently as possible. With the help of a Standard ERPs by HansaWorld's standard integration with Consignor, the supplier and customers always get the same high-quality experience when freight is booked or when the customer receives a delivery, regardless of the combination of carrier services chosen.