Adelivery – a key component in Jordelit's inventory management

Swedish Jordelit, Sweden's largest supplier of green surface products to the professional market, has a high product demand as well as very high demands on order flow and delivery precision. The company is constantly evolving and the latest addition to the company has been the implementation of Adelivery.

Published : 10/06/2019 08:59:19
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Presentation of picking list in the mobile units. The left unit shows in action work with the selected delivery in progress, where the status is highlighted in color. The unit on the right shows the employee reporting back to the ERP-system, which in Jordelit's case is StandardERP by HansaWorld.

In the spring and summer of 2019, Jordelit implemented Applitron's app Adelivery – a simple and flexible inventory management tool. For Jordelit, the implementation of Adelivery has been crucial in the development of more cost-effective and flexible inventory management. The implementation has meant digitizing the administrative parts of the order picking, such as checking off picked items and allowing the warehouse employee to fill in current transport data that is necessary for freight booking directly in a mobile unit while on the floor. In Adelivery, integrations with freight booking services have also been made possible, which minimizes extra administration and shortens lead time on order picking from start to finish.

As Jordelit works with bulky items and offers its customers a large range of products, the company is constantly faced with challenges in inventory. In addition, Jordelit's sales are seasonal, which means that the number of warehouse employees increases during peak season. In order to facilitate the training process for the seasonal warehouse workers, who initially don't always have great knowledge of the warehouse or products, an uncomplicated and educational system was sought after. Jordelit wanted a system that makes it easy to manage the warehouse with as low error statistics as possible.

Jordelit chose to implement Adelivery, a tool that is easy to work with, both with incoming deliveries as well as outgoing deliveries, for both new and experienced warehouse workers. New orders are continuously received throughout each day, and distributed to employees for completion automatically by the system. Adelivery presents all the relevant information that the warehouse employees need to collect an order. Abnormalities are registered directly in the app and when the picking of the order is finished, the employee is told so by the selected order changing color from yellow (started) to green (finished). By notifying the warehouse employee directly in the event of abnormalities, the risk of incorrect deliveries is reduced, leading to more efficient and accurate delivery management – and of course even more satisfied customers.

When the order is complete, the ERP-system by HansaWorld is updated with the information gathered in the mobile unit. Given that the information is correct, the business system automatically orders freight from a transport company through the delivery management system Consignor.

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