Applitron launches Adelivery - Inbound

Published : 01/25/2018 09:07:11
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Apps for business systems are probably not the first ones to be associate with app development, but there is a huge market of smart apps that simplifies everyday work at different workplaces.

Adelivery - Outbound

Adelivery - Outbound have become a success with those of our customers who already have got started. By providing employees with at the warehouse with a mobile device and associated barcode reader, they can increase the efficiency of the picks while ensuring quality.

While implementing Adelivery - Outbound, a number of optimizations was done in customer ERP systems,  Standard ERP by HansaWorld. Since all customers use Unifunun, a trigger point was set directly from the mobile device. This means in practice that when the delivery is completed and returned to the ERP system, the freight is automatically booked, shipping and delivery note printed, delivery notification is sent to the customer's e-mail address, and delivery will be traceable both through delivery notice and also the customer's account in the e-commerce platform.

Adelivery - Inbound

Immediately after Adelivery - Outbound were put into production at our first customers, the question when Adelivery - Inbound could be available.

The inbound delivery functionality reminds a lot of the outbound, but in reverse order. The work with Adelivery - Inbound is easy. The employee selects whether an incoming order is to be created from a purchase order or if they only have to work with deliveries that have already been created in the ERP system. Incidentally, the information is presented directly to the mobile device and the employee verifies each picked item or line by barcode scanning until the delivery is ready to be returned to the ERP system. Either fully delivered or part-submitted depending on what is actually available for delivery.

Create your own application

Does your company need your own app to simplify work on corporate administrative flows? Applitron's employee has several years of app development experience, both in terms of apps for ERP systems and apps for completely different purposes.

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