From order to delivery with Xeed

Svensk Jordelit launches the brand Xeed, professional products for the homegarden fixers. Follow the order flow from the need arises to the products being handled at the warehouse and then delivered to the customer.

Published : 04/28/2020 13:48:49
Categories : News guides the customer through the entire buying process and makes it easy for the customer to find the right products.In the warehouse the order pick is managed completely digital with the help of the mobile app Adelivery. By verifying each picked item via barcode scanning, the quality of the pick is increased. Upon final marking of the order pick, a series of activities occur consecutively: Freight is booked, freight documents are printed and the customer is notified via email that shipping is on its way. All this is done automatically within a few seconds.

Xeed's webshop and Adelivery are developed by ApplitronVisit 


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