Hot Screens warehouse application integrated with Weland Vertical storage lifts

Custom warehouse application integrated with Weland Vertical storage lifts.

Published : 05/29/2020 07:54:52
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Applitron integrates Hot Screens custom made warehouse application (HWA) with Weland Solutions vertical storage lift.

HWA is a custom made application developed to simplify the order flow and warehouse workflow at the Hot Screen facility. The latest module is taking on the work flow regarding custom and general stock products placed in a Weland vertical storage lift.

The process starts when a maintenance rutin is triggered (normally automatically at night). The ERP; Standard ERP by HansaWorld checks for all stock products with stock balance under the normal ordering point that is configured on the item. The system creates inbound deliveries and trigger printed copies of the work order, for the ordering planning employee.

After that, we follow the order until it's time to be put on the Weland vertical storage lift. HWA lists all products that are supposed the be storaged and sends a web request to the storage lift via Standard ERP. A work flow is the trigger when the warehouse employee approves the correct; item, amount and shelf. Meanwhile, the lift pre picks the next shelf in line until all order rows are delivered.

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