IsiCom's expansion is made possible by integrated and automated system solutions

IsiCom is investing in a larger product range and expanding to neighboring countries Denmark and Norway. The investments have been made possible by integrated and automated system solutions provided by Applitron.

Published : 09/25/2019 12:58:17
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IsiCom's largest supplier, Plantronics, merged with conference system supplier Polycom earlier this year. Together, the companies have formed the new brand Poly. Poly provides a wide range of communication equipment. The merger has, in turn, resulted in an expanded product range for IsiCom - who now also provide conference equipment in addition to headsets.  

The company has also invested in the expansion of its internal operations, IsiCom now also exists in Denmark and Norway. In Denmark, they have acquired their Danish counterpart and in Norway, they have started a new business. The acquisition of the Danish counterpart meant that IsiCom AB's business system, Standard ERP by HansaWorld, needed to be integrated with counterparts' existing business system Navision - something that was necessary to create a smooth flow between the two companies. The start-up of the new business in Norway has meant a need to upgrade IsiCom's existing Standard ERP installation to a multi-company installation. The multi-company installation means that the two companies' systems now are integrated to minimize manual work. The Norwegian company has also received a new, integrated e-commerce for the Norwegian market – developed and implemented by Applitron.  

The orders received from the Danish and Norwegian companies, primarily come from the webshops for each region. When an order is placed in the Danish and Norwegian system, an internal order flow is automatically created for IsiCom AB. This as all warehousing and delivery management takes place centrally from the head office in Gothenburg. Management of the extended warehousing and delivery work has been made possible through Applitron's inventory management app Adelivery, where picking and shipping are executed directly in the mobile unit.  

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