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  • Jordelit signs a partnership agreement with Applitron
    Published : 08/22/2019 09:40:14 | Categories : News

    Swedish Jordelit provides care products for green areas. They work with the best suppliers from Europe and the US and have major customers such as the Swedish Football Association and the Swedish Greenkeepers Association (SGA). The company is constantly evolving and has now chosen to sign a partnership agreement with Applitron.

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  • Video case: Hot Screen
    Published : 08/13/2019 07:15:23 | Categories : News

    Hot Screen Warehouse Application, sdeveloped by Applitron, is an on going project which is a part of the digitalization process of Hot Screen. In Applitron's first case video, the viewer takes part of thoughts on the project from a few Hot Screens employees.

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  • Applitron in new collaboration with Medius Ascendo
    Published : 07/04/2019 09:54:47 | Categories : News

    Applitron has chosen to start a collaboration with Medius Ascendo for handling incoming invoices. Ascendo's products are based on many years of experience in electronic invoice processing. The purpose of the new system is to digitize, simplify and speed up the invoice process.

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  • INZO Lars Bratt AB chooses Applitron as new partner
    Published : 06/18/2019 10:18:30 | Categories : News

    The well-established supplier in the beauty industry INZO Lars Bratt chooses Applitron as a new partner.

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  • Applitron becomes new partner to SeaSam
    Published : 05/14/2019 11:17:59 | Categories : News

    SeaSam Food AB, the leading supplier of fish and shellfish products, chooses Applitron as their new partner.

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  • KG Sandström chooses Applitron as HansaWorld partner
    Published : 04/16/2019 14:39:58 | Categories : News

    The tachograph experts at KG Sandström choose Applitron as their new partner.

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