Refrico choose Applitrons integrated webshop

Published : 01/11/2017 08:52:50
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Refrico AB is a supplier of products in the refrigeration sector and offers one of the widest range of components and compressor manufacturers. Besides compressors, they also offer a wide range of units, fan coolers, air conditioners, coolers, valves and mounting materials.

To future-proof their online presence Refrico decided to take the step into the ones and zeros. Refricos whole collection has been digitized and is now available in their new webshop. Headquartered in Gothenburg and two branches, one in Stockholm and Malmo, now offers customers to check stock balance at each location and order and pick up in-store, or order to the desired address.

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Refrico customers now have access to product information and stock for more than 5000 products.

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