Successful implementation of new functionality in Hot Screens customized app

Applitron continues to develop the customized app Hot Screen Warehouse Application where additional functionality has been implemented to create a seamless order flow.

Published : 05/21/2019 10:52:37
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The family company Hot Screen works to produce environmentally friendly heat transfer of high quality. They are constantly working to develop the business to cope with the growth, while at the same time constantly striving for the Japanese concept of Kaizen – known from, among other things, TPS (Toyota Production System) – which is an approach for continuous improvement. One step in this process has been the earlier implementation of the application HWA – Hot Screen Warehouse Application – which was done in the spring of 2018. HWA is a tailor-made application developed by Applitron which is used in the warehouse to simplify and ensure the large amount of deliveries.

– HWA has been an important tool in the work of ensuring the management and quality of deliveries to customers, says Fredrik Skanselid, CEO and co-owner of Hot Screen.

During the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019, Applitron has worked on developing the HWA application further by automating the flow from order intake to production. The system recognizes the type of orders that have reached the system. Depending on the type of item and stock balance levels, articles from the same order can be given completely different flows through the system. Stocked items from an order with inventory balance above the minimum level automatically generate a delivery of a certain type. This delivery will be available directly in HWA's new module – Delivery of stocked items – and then picked from Hot Screens lift machine where all of Hot Screens stocked items are stored. When the pick is completed, the delivery is automatically assigned a shelf space based on previous logic from the first phase of HWA.

For items in the order that have no stock or items with inventory balance below the minimum level, instead, a production order is created for each item row from the order. This production order contains all type of information that production planning and production needs to plan the job, but also produce the article which is then quality controlled and cut. The production order that accompanies the entire flow is provided with a bar code which at the end of the flow is scanned to present the order information HWA module Inbound deliveries to floating shelves, developed in HWA phase one. In the floating storage system, the articles are then collected together again regardless of the internal flows, in order to finally create a complete delivery of the order to the customer.

– HWA Phase Two has digitized the flow for inventory items and simplified order management for both customer service, production planning and production.

HWA is an application of the type apps for business systems, which means that both application and business systems – in Hot Screen's case Standard ERP by HansaWorld – are developed in parallel to support the various routines in both the application and the business system. The communication between the app and the business system is done using APIs, which means that the app knows with the help of check statuses whether it should download or send information and where it should send the information in the business system.

– An application of this type does not only require a deep understanding of the company's operations but also knowledge in both the development of business systems and apps. Without competence from the three different areas, HWA had not been possible. Right now, we are refining the details of phase two to get started with phase three as soon as possible, which is the most exciting and comprehensive phase in the ever-growing digitalization of Hot Screen's operations so far, says Tommy Forsberg, COO at Hot Screen.

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