A2 is our proprietary ERP system and a platform for administrative systems. It has the full capacity to function optimally for each customer. A2 is simply our toolbox in the form of a standard system adapted to suit each specific requirement. The system is developed in Java and can run on any operating system and with different user interfaces. It can be integrated with other systems where needed and is prepared for all SQL databases.

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A2 Mobile

A2 Mobile is an A2 solution designed for enterprises that work with store shop sales consultants. The solution, based on barcode-based order entry via handheld terminal, raise quality in sales and distribution and helps to increase profitability both on your own as well as the store's operation.

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A2 Weborder

A2 WebOrder is a web-based order application for B2B use. The solution is based on industry-specific routines to publish a current assortment in the webshop where customers can register place orders on the basis of the published goods.

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