In time of digitization and globalization, it suddenly became important for companies to streamline their customer orders and increase company accessibility to a global market. With this, a new way of consumption emerged, where a few keystrokes were all that was required to trade goods from all over the world.

Why e-commerce

There are many benefits of e-commerce. The following list is a selection of these benefits, which our existing customers appreciate.

  • Automated sales - Small need for order taking, focus on sales and customer experience.

  • Increased availability of company products - The entire product range becomes available, not just the products the seller presents.

  • Increased service level - The customer will always have access to: product information, order history, invoice history, customer information, delivery and of course the ability to order the products at any time.

  • Increased sales - The customer receives recommendations on: accessories, similar products and suggestions for products purchased by other customers.

  • Competitors - E-commerce is important not only to increase sales, but also to keep your current sales and not lose it to competitors.

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E-commerce platform

Applitron's e-commerce solution is a further development of the Prestashop e-commerce platform. The e-commerce can communicate with ERP, Standard ERP by HansaWorld and is prepared to integrate with others.

Customer information, product information, stock balance, specific price lists, ratings, manufacturers, and orders are examples of some of the integrations that are handled. The time when manually registered orders in the ERP system are over, and the sellers can instead focus on their main task.... selling.

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With the powerful and easy to use  modular e-commerce platform Prestashop as a base, the possibilities to create an amazing webshop are virtually endless. Prestashop has more than 250,000 installations worldwide and the product is translated into more than 60 different languages. Prestashop is both thematic and modular with a marketplace where third-party developers can sell their themes and modules. This gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the general development of the user interface and instead focus on the integration between the webshop and ERP-system.

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With our WebAPI package, we offer a solution for e-commerce, directly integrated with your StandardERP system. Through an intermediate layer that manages the communication between the webshop and StandardERP hundreds of hours of item management, order handling etcetera is avoided and a seamless introduction to online trading offered.

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