About Applitron

Applitron Datasystem AB is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we develop and sell ERP systems. Our applications take care of the financial procedures, both for small enterprises, with the needs of cost-efficiency, as larger organizations, with highly specialized requirements for functionality and customization. We value long-term customer relationships and can offer complete software, hardware, and consulting solution.

We have an in-house development of specialized as well as standard applications. We can also provide our customers with hardware, network and system integration, something that allows us to provide robust total solutions.

Applitron is a HansaWorld partner since 1996 and currently has a large number of customers running StandardERP by HansaWorld or HansaWord Enterprise. Out of Applitron's 8 employees, 4 persons have many years of experience in HansaWorld Enterprise and Standard ERP and are on a daily basis engaged in helping our customers with questions regarding implementation, customization, training, consulting, the server in the cloud, support and integration projects.

With our proprietary A2 solution, we can cost-effectively develop completely customized solutions for companies or industries where a standard solution does not exist. An example of such an application is our T3 application for the taxi industry with a focus on the larger dispatch centers.


Through a support agreement with Applitron, you as a customer have access to the skills in Standard ERP and A2. Our goal is to get to know you, your business and your administrative procedures to give you the best support.

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Applitron offers its clients a customized training performed either on your premises or ours. The courses are held normally in groups with a grouping based on which parts of A2 or Standard ERP that each person will use. Training is carried out by consultants with extensive experience of A2 or Standard ERP and the implementation of ERP systems.

For those customers with special requirements, we can create customer unique documentation tailored to the current company procedures and working methods.

If you need help to further develop your skills in the Standard ERP or any other HansaWorld product – Click Here to contact us regarding training.


StandardERP and A2 are software with a large number of modules, procedures, and functions. Nevertheless, in order to meet customer expectations for the program, it may be necessary to make customized solutions.

The HAL module in the Standard ERP gives our consultants and developers the possibility to make both small and large changes in the standard software. A2 is basically a toolbox that is supposed to be adapted to create maximum customer benefit.

If you need help to implement any customer unique solution in your A2 or StandardERP systems  – Click HÄR to contact us.


Applitron can provide integration solutions between A2 or Standard ERP and other systems used in the operation. This can apply to web shops, e-billing systems, logistics systems and BI systems.

Together with the client, we can develop the most efficient integration solution.

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Implementation of ERP-systems

The key to a successful implementation of an ERP system is a partner with a good knowledge of the product. Applitron has been a HansaWorld partner and completed implementation projects since 1995. Our employees possess high expertise in both standard ERP as how to best use the system in operation.

If you need help to implement new functionality in your StandardERP or any other HansaWorld product or deepen your knowledge – Click Here to contact us and we'll take a discussion on how we can move forward.

Applitron Cloud Services

Using Applitron's Cloud Services creates a cost-effective and secure solution for cloud operation of your business.


  • Maximum performance
  • Increased data security
  • Alarm and Action trials
  • Automatic backup
  • Fast support
  • Scalability
  • Reduced costs for customers IT infrastructure

Applitron ensures that you constantly have your Standard Cloud available. Our servers run on well-designed computers in the chilled and power secured server room. Our backup service creates daily backups to a server located geographically separate from the database server. This provides a high level of safety and an opportunity to restore the system after a hard failure such as fire or theft.

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