Applications for ERP systems

Apps for business systems are probably not the first ones to be associated with app development, but there is a huge market of smart apps that simplifies everyday work at different workplaces.


Applitron have developed Adelivery, an app where you can manage all your warehouse work using a mobile-device with a connected barcode reader. Adelivery is an app for Android devices and is integrated with Standard ERP by HansaWorld. Today, the app can manage in- and outbound deliveries, but all types of standard or custom functionality in Standard ERP can be made app-compatible for Adelivery if wanted. 

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Read more about HWA, a customer specified app built on the Adelivery motor, integrated with Standard ERP. 


Aurora is the latest of the additional services developed for A2 by Applitron. The idé with Aurora was primarily to replace the old hand terminal system, Amelia, developed by Applitron about fifteen years ago for order taking and inventory. Aurora has been proven to be a convenient tool where each function in A2 can be "applified" to create a simpler user interface in the mobile device used. The platform is a perfect tool for employees who don't need full access to the business system or who don't always have access to a computer while working.

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